How To Write Suspense & Thriller

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If you are wanting some inspiration and light training on writing quality suspense and thriller genre scripts, books, or any fictionalized format content. This short series of videos will help you learn a ton of things through a fun and interesting video. These are not boring lectures and I am not a self-proclaimed guru sermonizing some eternal truth. Many of what I learned are devised out of various processes, practices, and often mistakes or blunders.

There are six chapters dedicated to different aspects of the reading. If you do the sections, right there are multiple cues to break a writer’s block and hone on your existing skills through interesting exercises. The concepts are taught occasionally with ‘examples’, these are again some interesting story and plot idea giveaways. So you can use them to create stories, that is, in case you run out of ideas!

The visuals in these lectures are poetic and by large unconventional, but you will find different diagrams and charts to keep you glued as you would never be otherwise to a blackboard!

Explore the wonderful world of writing through quality learning. Learn how to create interesting cues, hooks, and an unputdownable page-turner. From plot twists to overcoming the mid-write crisis, avoiding cliches, and creating captivating characters you enter an umpteen number of possibilities through the course. These lectures contain, some of my personal learnings through failures, trials, experiments, and “success” stories.

I am sure this will give you the right dose of entertainment and information and would probably help you improve upon your craft. Good luck!

What you’ll learn

  • This one talks about the world of imaginative writing and how to create effective storytelling through systematic learning modules and exercises.
  • There are various plot pointers and story ideas shared along the way.
  • All Chapters contain important exercises to help you build upon your style and craft.
  • The importance of creating an environment and making the rules of the universe you create is of paramount importance for the success of your plot and the story at large. More integrated lessons will teach the very findamentals of creating drama and mystery in fictional content,
  • There is a way to weave your thread for the perfect noose. How do you create a stuck feeling? How do you give your audience the feeling of solving a crime along with the detective in your story? How do you manage to create the illusion, make it as fragile as a bubble and yet not manage to burst it until the anti-climax? All that and much more is discussed in this course.
  • The most handy and practical ways to troubleshoot your problem on that ‘first page’!


  • A basic knack for writing.
  • A genuine interest to learn and create.
  • Should consider honing skills through exercises and other practices.
  • Interest in films, books, novels, short stories will keep a student more invested in the course.
  • Desire to improve on existing knowledge.
  • Interest in non-traditional lecture formats may help one follow better.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate.
  • Advanced learners may want to check the exercises, after a thorough revision of the core concepts.
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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