Ultimate Concept of Microprocessors

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Hello everyone!

My name is Askhat Aubakirov and I am happy to be your instructor here!

In this course, you will be introduced to the Universal Concept of Microprocessors. The explanatory example is a hypothetical microprocessor. Modern microprocessors are very complex, but their basis is the same as the hypothetical microprocessor demonstrated in this course.

By finishing the course, you will be able to understand the overall concept of Microprocessors and visualize the way microprocessor works, which would help you to start working in operation and debugging microprocessors, or continue your education so as to start working on microprocessors’ design, or simply get knowledge to dive into understanding any microprocessor’s workflow relatively fast and boost your career.

In this course, attention is focused on description of command system of a microprocessor, also common methods of addressing and Input/Output devices.

The Course is divided into the following parts you will clearly understand upon finishing the course:

  • Introduction to Microprocessor
  • Internal Structure of Microprocessor
  • Microprocessor Commands
  • Arithmetic Commands
  • Logical Commands
  • I/O systems

Welcome to the Course!
I hope you will enjoy the contents of the course and find it pleasantly challenging for your mind.
It is important to challenge yourself and in the result you will get a great feeling of personal intellectual victory, I suppose.

What you’ll learn

  • microprocessor
  • Microprocessor Structure
  • ALU functioning
  • Accumulator functioning
  • Microprocessor Buffers Usage
  • I/O Devices
  • Logical Commands
  • Arithmetic Commands
  • Parallel Interface
  • Sequential Interface
  • Engineering


  • Understand the basis of what the binary system is
  • Be interested

Who this course is for:

  • Computer Science Students or Developers Interested in Microprocessors’ Concept of Work
  • Students
  • Developers
  • Computer Science Students
  • Hardware specialists
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