A Boot Camp to Special Theory of Relativity

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This course begins with the history of developments in human understanding of the motion of inanimate objects from the time of Socrates and  Aristotle to the Present time (Einstein). here we intent to cover the most common topics in this subject that are in the undergraduate curriculum of most of the universities. While setting in the armed chair at home we shall roll through the course of the developments since BC350. in this course we shall derive the energy-mass equivalence relation which has given unique fame to Albert Einstein. In this course, we shall derive Gallio’s Transformation Equations, Lorentz’s Transformation Equation, mass dependence on velocity, dropper shift, and equation for relativistic energy of the particle. Also, the light will be thrown upon the other off-shoots of special Relativity like; Time dilation, length contraction, twin paradox, the meaning of simultaneity, relativistic Doppler effect while obeying the principle of causality. This course will enable us to visualize through Mathematical simulation software MAPLE.

The course opens with fundamental definitions from Principia Mathematica, followed by the derivation of Gallian transformation. Einstein modified the theory of relativity by adding an axiom of absoluteness of speed of light to the basic principle of relativity. this leads to Lorentz’s transformation. the course further takes care of exploration of Lorentz transformation equitation in a smooth way to derive E=mc^2.  Use of animations has also been explored to explain various concepts.

What you’ll learn

  • A Boot camp to Theory of Special Relativity
  • Understanding of space-time continuum in reference to Einstein’s Relativity
  • Understanding the Famous E equal to m c squared relation
  • Meaning of Simultaneity in relativity, Causality Principle
  • Clock Paradox and Twin paradox
  • Relativistic Doppler effect
  • Relativistic Lagrangian
  • Sketching space-time diagram for space contraction, time dilation, understanding simultaneity, relativistic Doppler effect etc


  • Highschool pass outs
  • Preliminary Knowledge of calculus will be appreciable

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who wants to understand Einstein’s equation E equals m c squared
  • beginners who are keen in learning Special Theory of Relativity can also take up this course.
  • University students undertaking Physics
  • Students of Science and Engineering
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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