Sitecore 10 Content Editing Basics Step-by-Step

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If you are a content author, marketing associate, or a developer* just starting to work with Sitecore 10 – this course is for you. This video material will give you the knowledge of the Sitecore Content Authoring mechanics and a solid foundation for future growth. At the end of the course you will be able to speak about Sitecore to your coworkers and friends, explain the fundamentals behind Sitecore’ content structure, presentation, and workflows. You will be able to create your first page from a collection of components, personalize and publish it. In addition to the simple mechanics I will also share some Sitecore CMS tips and tricks as we go along that I’ve learned over more than a decade of working with the platform. These tips and tricks will set you apart from the rest of your colleagues at work and make you more efficient at working with Sitecore.

Inside this course you will find instructional videos, quizzes and practice exercises that will help you retain the knowledge you’ll receive. It is important to get through all of the course material, especially the practice exercises. It’s said that knowledge is power, while I believe that knowledge has to applied to become powerful.

Lastly, since the true measure of this course’s value is your success and enjoyment of working with Sitecore, I’m dedicated to helping all of my students on and offline to make sure your personal success. I’m very much looking forward to walking through the journey of learning Sitecore Content Authoring along with you!

* it is important for beginner developers to understand the basics of content authoring to be able to work with the platform. However, this is not a development course.

What you’ll learn

  • Concepts of Sitecore content authoring and the basic “out of the box” capabilities
  • When, why, and how to use Experience Editor and Content Editor for content authoring
  • How to create, personalize, approve, and publish your first page
  • How to configure your Sitecore account and tools to enhance productivity
  • How to solve most common content authoring problems


  • Optional: access to a Sitecore sandbox.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Sitecore Content Authors
  • Sitecore Beginner Marketeers
  • Sitecore Beginner Developers

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