Responsive Design for Web Designers

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Deal Score+1
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You’ve created a beautiful website design!  Congratulations.

The colors are perfect!  The logo really pops.  The photography is stunning!  You’re really proud of the work.

Until… You look at the design on a mobile device.

Uh oh.

On mobile, the layout you worked on so carefully is broken.  Images don’t appear in the right place. The text (where it’s still visible) is all the wrong size.  The design requires side-scrolling.

It’s just a mess.

You need responsive design!

And in Responsive Design for Web Designersthat’s just what you will learn.

The world of design has changed and it’s no longer easy to predict the type of screen that your work will be viewed on.  However, it is possible to employ responsive design and optimize your designs so they work across the broad array of screens in use today.

This course takes a mobile-first design approach and explains the “why” behind important responsive design topics like fluid grids, content scale, and cross-device testing. 

But you’re going to get more than a bunch of theory and “should do’s”!

You’re going to get the critical and immediately-applicable HTML and CSS training you need to move the responsive design from your prototype into production.  This course features broadcast-quality video, a true no BS “get to the point” structure, in an easily accessible and engaging format.

Enroll now and learn the foundations of responsive design so you can create designs that truly look excellent on every screen.

What you’ll learn

  • Identify the four elements of responsive Design
  • Understand and use a mobile-first design approach
  • Understand how and why to design with fluid content grids
  • Understand how content scale impacts responsive design
  • Execute cross-device preview and testing to ensure designs work on different sized screens
  • Utilize the meta tags required in code for responsive design
  • Work with the <picture> tag to create responsive images
  • Create media queries that alter designs for multiple size screens


  • Successful learners in this course have a foundational understanding of HTML
  • Successful learners in this course have a foundational understand of CSS

Who this course is for:

  • Web designers who want to learn how to execute responsive design
  • Students studying design and development
  • Web developers who need to code responsive design
  • Anyone who is creating digital designs for different sized screens
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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