React JS Complete Course 2022 with ASP .NET 6 Core APIs

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Welcome, all of you to the brand new React JS tutorial 2022.

Course Creation Purpose:

Besides my personal needs, to be honest, I prepared this ReactJs course for the purpose to aware developers about React Js in a fast and simple way. If you know there are two things involved in React Js Development:

  • React Js front end code development
  • Backend REST APIs creation and implementation.

Here there are lots of courses that teach pretty fine about React Js front-end development but there are no proper guidelines about how to create real-world React Js Web Application with complete REST APIs integration.

I combine these two areas at one place in this course; you will learn React and ASP .NET 6 Rest API for your React Js Application.

What you will learn?

You will learn all the following topics in this React js course. At any point, if you feel that this react tutorial course is not according to your needs then you can go to unroll from the course. I will always appreciate your efforts for the best learning sources.

  • React Js all basic concepts
  • ReactJs Hooks
  • React useEffect hook
  • React useState hook
  • React state
  • Redux in React js
  • React Redux login
  • React functional component
  • React class component
  • State in React Js class component
  • React event listeners
  • Forms in React
  • ASP .NET 6 Core Rest APIs Creation
  • APIs call from React Js App using axios
  • Inline CSS and External CSS usage in React Js
  • Bootstrap integration in React Js
  • React Router
  • React props
  • How to pass data using Props from one component to another.
  • Arrow Functions

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn all the basics concepts of React Js
  • Master the “Redux” part in this React Js tutorial
  • Understand class and functional components
  • Learn how to use Hooks in ReactJs
  • Create ASP .NET Core Rest APIs
  • Learn how to implement ASP .NET API in React JS Application
  • You will learn React DOM events handling in detail
  • Create your own React Hooks Forms & save data in SQL DB using ASP .NET 6 Core APIs
  • Learn how to use inline CSS, export external CSS files
  • Great Control: Easily implement ReactJs Bootstrap
  • Understand how to navigate between different components using React Router, NavLink React
  • You will learn all basic React Js Installation for development
  • Use Postman to test React API and React fetch data from API
  • Create full-stack web application by React Js advanced concepts
  • Learn how to create Nav Menu and application Layout
  • Redux implementation in the app by complete example
  • AXIOS for APIs call


  • A computer with Internet Connection
  • Just basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
  • A mindset to learn React Js with ASP .NET 6 Core APIs in a most Simplest Way
  • You have a mission to get higher paid Job in software industry as React Js Developer

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn React Js from basic to advanced with ASP .NET 6 Rest API
  • This course is best for all those who wants to learn ReactJs in most simplified way
  • If you want to learn how the people in software industry using React Js for real world development then you are at the right place because I am working in software companies and know better how to use ReactJs in Real World development
  • If you want to take one course and learn React Js, ASP .NET Rest APIs and a little about SQL Server then you should enroll in this course
  • Beginners React Js Developer want to enter the industry with a React developer tools and techniques
  • All Web Developers
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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