OpenCV Starter Project – Pencil Sketch and Cartoon Paint

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Welcome to Image to Cartoon Sketch using OpenCV in Python !!!

In this Course we will see, one of the most widely used image processing applications which is, Non- Photo Realistic Effects. You will generally see such an effect in most commercial software like Photoshop etc. Here, in this course using an open-source library in OpenCV, we will create such an effect by coding in Python.

What will you learn?

· Non-Photo Realistic Effect in OpenCV

· Pencil Sketch

· K Means Clustering in OpenCV

· Cartoon Paint using Bilateral Filter.

· Ipython Widgets for Hyperparameter Tuning.

In this class, we will develop two projects.

Project -1: Pencil Sketch & Tuning using Widgets

For any given image we will convert that into a perfect pencil sketch in Python. To develop this, we will use the following filter.

1. Gaussian Blur

2. Division Image

3. Gamma Correction

Here you will learn the use of these filters and how to apply them to any image. We will also create widgets. Using widgets, we will tune the hyperparameters for the best-desired pencil sketch.

Project – 2: Photo to Cartoon Photo

For any given image we will convert that into a perfect pencil sketch in Python. Just like a pencil sketch, we will create using multiple filters. The cartoon image is an extension of the pencil sketch. Here for a pencil sketch, we will segment the portion and paint it with appropriate colors using k means clustering. Finally, we will apply a Bilateral filter to get desired cartoon image. The following flow we will use to create a cartoon images.

1. Edge Mask image (pencil sketch)

2. Image Segmentation using K means Clustering.

3. Bilateral Filter.

We will also create the widgets to tune the hyperparameter to get the desired result. This is the perfect project to start your journey towards image processing.

We will see you in the class on how to develop this from scratch.

What you’ll learn

  • Pencil Sketch Image
  • Image to Cartoon Image
  • Gaussian Blur, Median Blur
  • Bilateral Filter
  • Edge Preserving Filter, Detail Enhance Filter
  • Image Processing with OpenCV
  • Ipython Widgets


  • Basic Python Knowledge

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who are beginner in Python
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