OBS Superuser Course: Master Open Broadcaster Software

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This online course is designed to deep dive into the OBS software and review the top plugins available to enhance your video creation capabilities. This online course follows the book “OBS Advanced” and it is the sequel to “The Unofficial Guide to OBS.” Here you can learn how to customize your OBS production experience with helpful tips and tricks from the industry’s top professionals. Learn about the top plugins for OBS, how to use them, and practical applications to increase your video production quality.

Once you have optimized your OBS software and installed helpful plugins, you can further your learning with new innovations in the industry such as NDI, SRT, and VDO Ninja. This online course includes detailed walk-throughs helping students leverage the power of IP video with NDI. Learn how to use your smartphone as a camera, connect multiple computers together and send video all around the world with the latest online technologies. All the technologies reviewed with OBS are completely free to use and deploy in your video production setup.

This is an advanced course for Open Broadcaster Software, so some areas will cover computer programming, networking, and API access. These topics will be covered from a high level and will be covered in more detail in the included book. It is recommended that students read the book that is included with this online course to get the most out of the content.

What you’ll learn

  • Advanced features for OBS Streaming Software
  • Learn how to use the best OBS plugins
  • Learn how to optimize your live streaming and recording settings in OBS
  • Learn the full capabilities of Open Broadcaster Software for professional use


  • Must have access to a Mac, PC or Linux computer
  • You will need internet access to download the latest version of OBS

Who this course is for:

  • Video Production Professionals
  • Anyone who uses OBS software
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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