Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Pro Level in Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel has deep and wide features, functions and tools can seem a little complex to new and intermediate users.

XL Skillz Lab offers a series of video lectures that seek to guide you as you navigate through the spreadsheet world. After 21 years of continuous use of the package, I have put together a course that will make your journey of discovering Microsoft Excel a little easier.

With practical examples taken from modern day typical and professional settings, my aim is to show how the tools, features and functions can be used in day-to-day scenarios.

Topics covered include:

  • An introductory video for new users. In it we discuss the different excel data types, rules to remember when typing data, understanding the MS Excel Menu, and many other key principles to remember.
  • Spreadsheet Designs,
  • Formatting tools and functions
  • Data sheet creation for Excel based databases
  • MS Excel basic and advanced formulas
  • Database Filter functions and navigation tools
  • Spreadsheet links
  • Creation of charts and graphs
  • Use and manipulation of time (and date) based data
  • Printable worksheets and formatting tips

…And many more tools, tips and tricks

There are a number of practice sheets and quizzes included with the course.

There’s always something new to learn with Microsoft Excel…

Sign up today and let’s unravel the mystic world of Microsoft Excel together…

What you’ll learn

  • Basic, intermediate and advanced Microsoft Excel formulas and functions
  • Creation and editing of database sheets including filter functions
  • Creation and editing of charts and graphs
  • Data linking across cells, spreadsheets and excel files
  • Spreadsheet designing and data presentation (for specialized work books such as invoices, timetables, task-schedules, cash books, cost entries and more)
  • Hot Microsoft Excel Short Cuts


  • Access to Microsoft Excel (2010 and beyond)

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and intermediate users of Microsoft Excel
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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