Management: The Urgency of Data Protection & Privacy

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If you have ever tried to talk about GDPR or Data Ethics, you have probably found some resistance. Typically people are not interested. They say the issues raised get in the way of doing “real” business. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is a more sexy subject. So why aren’t we “doing” more AI? I’ve found people run away from privacy and protection with ill-thought-through excuses or misunderstandings presented as reasons for why we should be doing something else.

A cursory look through business journals or the IT press should reveal we are heading towards a road crash. Take a look at the GDPR fines handed out to Google, Facebook and many other blue-chip companies. If you then factor in class action consequences that could reach, in one example, $1Billion, then you see the extent of the problem. Oversights and data breaches hand lawyers reasons to extract huge sums from corporates. Surely, if we operated more ethically we could make all these problems go away?

Cybercrime is on the rise, and we prefer to focus on getting to the AI promised land faster. What if we could have it all? What if we could reduce our risks to hackers and derive real value from our data? Well, I am not going to promise you the earth but will suggest that a detour to take in the Data Protection and Privacy landscape will provide you will a new global view for responsible innovation.

This course will explore the Wild Wild West of Data to show you why we must care. There are consequences for not taking the right kinds of actions. We will then map out the global standards and legal frameworks to end our journey on data ethics. Finally, we will make the case that you will achieve better AI results if you have first crafted a better data culture.

We’ve tried to understand who would benefit from this course. If you fit one of the following categories, then the course is for you.

  • High-level executive types that need a helicopter view.
  • Professionals that need direction to deliver projects at all levels.
  • Ninjas that need to be more granular.

There are ideas, messages and content for all the identified learner profiles with signposting when needed.

Join us on a journey that is more than just a rehash of GDPR. Let’s move on from a dull worldview to a vision of possibilities and opportunities. Take the course now to find your data protection and privacy voice! The road to Data Ethics awaits you!

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn about the eyewatering costs and the reputational damage to organisations when things go wrong
  • Artificial intelligence gets all the press, but giving priority to data ethics can unlock responsible innovation and growth
  • Understand how standards, legal frameworks and ethics can combine for improved innovation.
  • Help others identify and to think through problems and solutions for better use of data.
  • Become advocates for data privacy and protection by explaining the importance of the issues at stake.
  • General awareness that we are talking about much more than GDPR.
  • Show why data ethics should be at the heart of all AI projects and explain strategies to achieve this.


  • Have an interest in how information technology can impact business, government, education and other organisations such as charities and non-governmental bodies.
  • Tech: A laptop or basic PC. (A few worksheets will need to be printed print off in the assignments.)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone exposed to data. These could be business leaders, program managers, project managers, IT professionals and those who work on policy to improve organisational data literacy.
  • Executives who need a quick overview, big picture and some detail to make linkages to topic areas.
  • Professionals who are running projects on a daily basis will find the questions that need answers.
  • Techies who need to go a little deeper to find areas for further investigation.
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