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Deal Score+1
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In this Make the Case course, created and presented by professionals with more than 20 years in management consulting, we will guide you through the best strategies and practices to structure, develop and present compelling business cases. We work with a learning methodology that combines video lessons, exercises, and assignments to enhance your learning experience. You will finish the course with a comprehensive framework that you can instantly implement to Make the Case in your current and future roles.

Make The Case consists of 3 modules. Module 1 will guide you through the first pain point when making a business case: “Defining the issue and Gameplan“. In these videos, we will review logical structures to help define the issue, frame the problem to structure a hypothesis, and give you the tools to develop and structure a work plan to carry out research and analyses needed for the case.

In Module 2, we will discuss “Research & Analyses”. We will dive into methodologies such as the 7 Step process, the Fact-based analysis, and Financial and Strategic implications of a case.

Module 3 focuses on “The Art of Storytelling” where we will delve into storyboarding & slide writing, executive summaries, the development of recommendations, and presentation planning.

What you’ll learn

  • Presentations skills
  • Presentation strategy
  • Structuring business problems
  • Defining research & analyses work plans
  • Storytelling for business presentations
  • Structure approach towards building your presentation: storyboarding and executive summaries
  • Persuasive skills: adjusting the message and structure to your audience


If you are part of a business environment you will benefit from this course regardless your business education

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs that want to take their start-ups to the next level
  • Managers looking to escalate to senior positions
  • Ambitious individuals in junior positions who want to accelerate their corporate careers
  • Anyone who wants to understand presentations from the CEO´s perspective
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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