LinkedIn Marketing and Lead Generation For Digital Marketers

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Welcome to my complete LinkedIn Marketing course showing how to grow your professional network, find remote jobs, and optimize your LinkedIn profile for success. Over 9,500 students have followed our guidance to conquer the remote job search and now it´s your turn to learn the best techniques!

This online course is for anyone who wants to grow their professional network on LinkedIn. With over 500 million professionals and 40 million decision makers there is no better place to do business online than LinkedIn!

You will learn how to find the right people in your target industry and geographic location, fix up your digital resume to improve your chances of getting that next big opportunity, find a remote job with flexibility to work from anywhere, grow your network strategically using marketing automation techniques, optimize your profile for success, and learn new valuable skills in your chosen field of study.

Think of your LinkedIn Profile as your online digital resume.

It’s the first chance to present yourself to recruiters. If your LinkedIn Profile is outdated, not formatted correctly, or includes the wrong information, you will miss out on one of the best ways of finding a job you love.

A well-designed profile will give you more exposure to recruiters and more messages with job opportunities, which will lead to more interviews from top-rated companies searching for talent like you on LinkedIn!

This course is for you if you’re looking for a way to improve your LinkedIn search presence to be seen by recruiters, clients, and customers.

Why People Don’t Succeed With LinkedIn

The truth is that it’s never been easier to grow your business using LinkedIn. With the knowledge, tools and resources available it’s a million times easier than when I started over 5 years ago.

However what most people still lack is a coherent and consistent strategy. They run off after the latest and greatest internet marketing tactic and forget all about the fundamentals of business.

However when you combine a great strategy with the right tactics you get a dramatically different result.

Getting Clients Isn’t Difficult (When You Know How)

You’re about to learn how to create highly profitable LinkedIn strategies that will give you a ton of potential clients…

Any time you desire… just like turning on the tap.

Imagine what it would be like to open your inbox each morning to find multiple emails from people eager to work with you.

With even more requests coming in through the workday whether you’re sitting at your computer or not.

Enroll in this course to get access to the following modules:

Section 1: How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile to show up in front of the right people at the top of search results on LinkedIn.

Section 2: Applying for Jobs on LinkedIn

Learn how to find and apply for jobs on LinkedIn with a few simple clicks and improve your digital resume for more job offers.

Section 3: LinkedIn Lead Generation Techniques

Learn how to use lead generation techniques to quickly and easily find emails of people in your network on LinkedIn.

Section 4: How To Set Up Your Company Page

Learn how to create your own company page, optimize it for success, and invite connections to join your page.

Section 4: Fix Up Your Digital Resume

Learn how to improve your digital resume so it passes the applicant tracking system most recruiters use to screen out qualified candidates.

Section 6: How To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn

Learn how to grow your network quickly and strategically with powerful marketing automation platform.

Section 7: How To Use LinkedIn Learning

Learn how to acquire emerging in-demand skills and get certifications on the LinkedIn Learning platform to be found by recruiters.

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What you’ll learn

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile to get 10x more visibility
  • How to find and connect with the right target audience on LinkedIn
  • Improving your resume to get that next important remote job interview
  • Finding full-time remote jobs you’re qualified for using LinkedIn Jobs
  • How to use marketing automation software to grow your network on autopilot
  • Learn how to find clients using lead generation practices on LinkedIn
  • Learn industry-specific skills, get certifications and endorsements on your LinkedIn profile
  • The best LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to generate leads every month
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to hugely increase your visibility and generate leads
  • How to write compelling LinkedIn messages to get you the results you want
  • How to create and grow your own company page on LinkedIn
  • How to search for a remote job online using LinkedIn


  • You do not need any previous experience using LinkedIn, it is preferable if you already have a profile so you can get started quickly
  • You will need a willingness to focus, follow step-by-step instructions, and change your life for the better by following our proven methods to find remote work opportunities and get hired for a remote job you love
  • Desire to work from home or remotely with a successful remote company
  • You DON’T need LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator subscription to get started, but it will help you send more connection requests
  • You will need Google Chrome browser for the marketing automation extension

Who this course is for:

  • B2B industry professionals who need to generate leads remotely (telecommunting)
  • Anyone who wants to generate business leads from LinkedIn.
  • Salespeople that want to generate high-quality leads every month without cold calling
  • Coaches and consultants that want to learn how to use LinkedIn to generate get more sales
  • People who want to build their brand or increase it’s visibility on LinkedIn
  • Individuals or businesses that want to network with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Sales professionals that have been affected by COVID and that need a new system to generate leads and sales remotely
  • Entrepreneurs using LinkedIn to grow an online business
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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