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Whether you are just thinking about starting to learn web development or you have already built many websites, whether you are a designer who wants to design and build eye-catching websites on a single platform, or if you want to build websites as a freelancer quickly and efficiently, this course is all you need. In this course, you will learn:

  • Webflow Basics such as how to set up your account, create projects, and share them
  • All you need to know about Webflow Designer and Webflow Editor
  • Adding custom fonts
  • Setting up forms with reCAPTCHA
  • Adding Google Maps to a website
  • All you need to know about interactions and animations in Webflow
    • Mouse hover and click effects
    • Scroll based animations
    • Creating custom cursors
    • Horizontal scrolling inside a webpage
    • Customizing interactions for touch screens
  • Build a production-ready website
  • Add custom domainsGoogle Analytics
  • How to take advantage of Webflow CMS in your projects
  • Adding Lottie animations to a website
  • Making your Website responsive (Webflow limitations and how to fix them)
  • TWO BIG PROJECTS to put all you have learned into practice
    • A multi-page landing website for a mobile application
    • An outstanding professional personal portfolio to showcase all your work to help you land more jobs as a freelancer
  • A supplemental section on how to integrate custom code in a Webflow website
    • Add custom CSS and Javascript code to facilitate transitions, effects, etc. on a website
    • Export all the HTML, CSS, and Javascript code
    • How to use Webflow as a tool to help design and develop websites outside Webflow
    • Use exported code from Webflow to host your Website on Github Pages

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the ins and outs of Webflow Designer
  • Add and style Webflow elements and layouts
  • Add different types of animations and interactions to elements
  • Learn proper techniques to make a responsive website
  • Build an outstanding responsive portfolio website in Webflow
  • Connect Webflow website to a custom domain
  • How to take advantage of Webflow paid plans


  • No prior experience with Webflow is needed. You will learn everything you need to know.
  • Basic knowledge of html and css can help with the learning process, but definitely not required.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone (including Non-programmers) who are looking for a career change to web design and development
  • Everyone who is interested in learning Webflow for personal and professional gains
  • Anyone who is interested in starting a freelancing career to build websites quickly and efficiently
  • Business owners who want to make a landing website for their business quickly with minimal costs
  • Designers who want to expand their area of expertise in the development field as well
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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