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Microsoft OneNote is much more than just creating simple Notebooks and being able to say goodbye to paper notes. 

With OneNote we can:

  • Share our notes
  • Access our notes across all our devices, as long as we have the OneNote app installed!
  • No limit on the number of Notebooks
  • No limit of sections
  • No limit of pages
  • Integrate Outlook emails, contacts, appointments and tasks
  • Integrate Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Creating Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Creating links between Notebooks, pages and sections
  • Audio & video recording and finding specific spots of what has been recorded in literally a couple of clicks
  • Extracting text from pictures, screenshots etc.
  • And… much much more! All of which will be covered during these tutorials

A little about me:

Prior to becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Office Specialist across the Microsoft Suite (previously Microsoft Office) in 2008, I used to work as a Corporate Professional where maximising my work and speeding up tasks were key.  Hence I decide to learn about all the tricks and tips that would really simplify my work.

It is for me a great satisfaction and joy to pass on my knowledge and receive feedback from my students who now feel so much more proactive and confident across the Microsoft applications.  My goal is to hear my students say “wow” about what they are learning!

In these tutorials I will share with you not only what I have learnt during my 13 years of training others in the Microsoft applications, but also the many years of knowledge that I have gained by working in high profile Global companies.  We will create real work scenario Notebooks which will truly help maximise and organise yourself on a daily basis.

Once this tutorial is concluded, you will feel fully confident in using this fantastic application and completely forget (if you wish) about paper notes. Most importantly, you will be able to access your notes, Outlook appointments, tasks and more, Word, Excel, PowerPoint all in one place by using the OneNote application. 

Cool isn’t it!

So… ready to enrol? I really look forward to having you onboard so that you can all say goodbye to paper notes and hello to OneNote and become 100% more productive!

Let’s get started!

Claudia Carrozzo MCT | MOS

What you’ll learn

  • Detailed introduction to the OneNote interface.
  • Customising the ribbon with new tabs and groups
  • Adding shortcuts to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  • Inserting, splitting and merging notes
  • Formatting the notes content in multiple ways
  • How to password protect notebooks
  • Creating pages, subpages, sections and section groups
  • Inserting, linking and modifying external data such as Excel, Word, Outlook etc.
  • Linking notes content between notebooks, tabs and pages
  • Creating a Table of Content (TOC)
  • Inserting pictures, screenshots & extracting the text from them
  • How to easily find content within notebooks, pages and sections
  • Using voice or video recording & quickly finding specific spots within those recordings
  • How to use the research, spellcheck and thesaurus options
  • Sharing Notebooks
  • Speeding up work with AutoCorrect
  • Plus loads of powerful tips and tricks that will make your working day so much easier!


  • You will need to have access to Microsoft OneNote if you would like to carry-out the exercises.
  • OneNote has many different versions, as the first release was in 2003. However, what will be covered in these tutorials can be implemented with all the versions available. The most popular versions used nowadays are 2016, 2019 and 365.
  • No prior experience with OneNote is needed, as together we will create professional notebooks from start to finish.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for both beginners who need to start from scratch and would like to start using digital notes instead of the usual paper notes.
  • This course is also suitable for intermediate to advanced users who are looking to really maximise and speed-up their work by being able to integrate other Microsoft Applications e.g. Excel, Word and Outlook appointments, tasks, emails and contacts among many other advanced features which will help you to organise your day in a way you probably cannot imagine!
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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