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This course is designed for all beginners who desire to learn about Chinese Mandarin and some fun facts about contemporary Chinese culture but who have limited time.

This course is designed with you in mind. The course is taught in English however there are the Chinese characters, pinyin and English on screen for everyone to follow along and to master the language. I designed this course with practicality, first hand lived experiences about my time in China.

Why you should choose this course:

I’ve lived in China for over 3 years. I learned Chinese while living in Beijing. I also traveled around China and 14 other countries and have personally seen how Chinese Mandarin is spoken in many of those places I’ve visited.

Chinese Mandarin is easy to learn.

The course is engaging.

Each lesson is succint and easy to absorb.

Designed so you can learn on the go.

Each lesson is under 10 minutes long, the course goes at a normal pace, the videos are all downloaded so you can watch the contents repeatedly and take notes.

After each section there is a knowledge check pop quiz consisting of a few questions.

Those quizzes are there to confirm that you’re engaged and learning the courses contents.

Objective of this course is to help as many people around the world learn some Chinese Mandarin and aspects about Chinese culture from a former Chinese resident.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to greet people in Chinese Mandarin
  • Learn the 4 Chinese Mandarin intonations (tones)
  • Learn to identify numbers
  • Learn the names of everyday objects
  • Learn how to express yourself


  • No prerequisite

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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