Zero To Hero! Learn Algebra Operations & Laws

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In this course you will get professional maths tutoring to help you be successful at Algebra. We cover the operations of algebra as well as distributive law applied to fractions, variables and brackets. You will get practical, step by step explanations, practice examples and demonstration lessons. A solid introduction to algebra is so important for the rest of your maths journey so join us in this course as we help you achieve your goals.

This course is engaging, practical and takes you on a powerful journey that supports your journey as a student.

Get the following when you enroll:

  • Engaging lessons that teach you key concepts and build up your confidence so you can apply what you’ve learnt
  • A whiteboard lesson that teaches you an overview of the course and your journey of transformation to achieve your goals
  • Practice questions for each concept so you can take action and apply what you have learnt and make sufficient progress
  • Downloadable worksheets that you can refer to and get the answers and explanations you need for future reference
  • Access to Kyle De Vos at any time through the messaging and assignments feature of the platform
  • Encouragement from other students who are focused on the same goal, just like you
  • Articles, resources and additional material to maximise your learning experience and ensure you achieve your goal

Enrol today and we look forward to seeing your success as a maths student!

What you’ll learn

  • Operations using division; how to handle negative and positive numbers (with examples)
  • Operations using multiplication; how to handle negative and positive numbers (with examples)
  • Distributive Law; how to handle operations across brackets at different levels with examples
  • The application of BODMAS in distributive laws of solving algebra with and without variables
  • Learn the distributive law as applied to variables and fractions; follow step by step
  • Addition and subtraction with variables
  • Multiplication and division with variables


You will need to understand basic maths concepts like division, multiplication, subtraction and addition

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for high school maths students
  • Anyone who needs a refresher on algebra basics or an introduction to algebra

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