Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification

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The most modern, comprehensive and globally recognized Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification available. Contains everything you need to be successful, Templates, Videos, examples, How to guides, workbook etc… After successful completion of this course, you will have the technical and practical skills to lead high-impact business improvement initiatives.

A very powerful feature of Six Sigma is the creation of an infrastructure to assure that performance improvement activities have the necessary resources. Everyone in your organization doesn’t need to be a Green Belt or Black belt. But in order to succeed and to get the greatest return, there has to be a support system. Some experts estimate that failure to provide this infrastructure is the #1 reason why improvement efforts fail. The Lean Six Sigma infrastructure makes improvement and change the full-time job of a small but critical percentage of the organization’s personnel. And then supplements the full-timers with just enough expertise and support system to make it all work.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are project leaders capable of forming and facilitating Lean Six Sigma teams and managing larger root cause analysis projects from concept to completion. Green Belt training consists of the instruction and practice and is best learned by completing a project along with the training. This will allow you to apply the concepts as soon as you learn them so you can ask better questions and gain a better understanding.

This course is comprised of this online instructional video plus the Participant Workbook. The workbook has examples, practices and a place to write notes. You can use the workbook digitally using a pdf editor or you can print it.

After each chapter in this course, you will be prompted to take a quiz on the material. At the end of the course, you will have a final exam. When you pass the exam with 70% or higher, you will be able to download your globally accredited Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

What you’ll learn

  • Become a globally accredited and certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Manage and lead both large and smaller projects successfully in any organization and industry
  • Manage project teams, risks, resources and achieve sustained results through great process streamlining and system analysis
  • Problem solving through DMAIC principles, templates, How to guides and narrated videos – self-paced and 100% online, with virtual support as needed


  • No pre-requisites required, just a positive attitude, and a thirst for improving.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to learn how to manage projects better, move up in their career and leaders who would like to learn how to successfully lead teams to achieve sustainable, integrated results.
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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