Introduction to Payment Dispute Resolution

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——————————– The Problem ——————————–

Payment disputes are an important issue to solve, either as a merchant, cardholder or bank.

There are many reasons for disputes and multiple methods for dispute resolution. All of these can affect the results of a dispute for the different parties involved.

In order to be effective at dispute resolution, it’s important to understand not just the reasons for disputes, but also the mechanisms for their resolution, and the consequences of each.

It’s the type of knowledge that can be easily acquired – if it’s correctly taught.

——————————– The Dilemma ——————————–

Unfortunately, most dispute management courses nowadays don’t fit the minimum requirements.

Either they focus only on specific components of the dispute resolution process, not illustrating how they work, or they miss technicalities unique to the banking industry, or miss other important information.

Or they’re just too academic and not easy to put into practice.

This doesn’t just hurt your future knowledge of dispute resolution, but also you personally.

When we can’t properly understand how disputes are resolved:
– We become confused and frustrated with different dispute resolution types;
– We don’t know how a particular dispute can be successfully resolved;
– We don’t know the correct workflow for dispute resolution in banking;
– We don’t know why certain banks are better than others at the process – or even what matters to their clients;
– We don’t know what specific chargeback reason codes mean;

So what is my proposed solution?

——————————– The Solution ——————————–

Unlike other dispute resolution courses out there, this course is comprehensive and updated.

In other words, not only will this course cover the different types of dispute resolution, namely ADR, it will also cover the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) framework and how it works, then diving into dispute resolution for banking in specific, and also giving you a detailed rundown of all types of chargeback reason codes, and the way to address each of them.

In this course, we will cover topics such as:
– What the different types of payment disputes are, represented by different reason codes for chargebacks;
– How both the issuing and acquiring bank interact in the case of a chargeback situation, as well as the dispute resolution process;
– What the different ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods are (usually grouped into negotiation, mediation, and arbitration), as well as specific implementations of these;
– What the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) standard represents, its advantages, and how it’s implemented;

This course is aimed at any professional that has to deal with dispute resolution in their everyday life, and especially related to payment systems. It includes:
– Dispute resolution professionals at acquiring or issuing banks;
– Merchants that deal with cardholder disputes;
– Consumers that are interested in knowing how to deal with disputes with merchants;

By the end of this course, you will be able to effectively diagnose what causes specific payment disputes, as well as what the process is to deal with them, and the different dispute resolution procedures available to you.

——————————– The Ideal Student ——————————–

This course is targeted at different types of people. Naturally, all current or future dispute management professionals will find this course useful. But any other professional that aims to know more about how disputes are resolved will find it useful.

More specifically, the ideal student for this course is someone who:
– Will directly deal with dispute management or resolution;
– Wants to know more about the different types of dispute resolution (both litigation and ADR, offline or not);
– Wants to specifically know how to address disputes involving merchants and cardholders (as a bank or merchant);
– Wants to know more about the different types of reason codes for chargebacks (and how to prevent them);
– Wants to know how to perform dispute resolution using multiple methods (negotiation, mediation, and/or arbitration);

What you’ll learn

  • The different types of dispute resolution – both litigation and ADR approaches
  • An extensive list of all reason codes for payment chargebacks, and what each represents
  • How the chargeback process works between an acquiring and issuing bank, as well as possible payment scheme involvement
  • How ODR affects dispute resolution by leveraging online communication


  • None!

Who this course is for:

  • Dispute resolution professionals at banking institutions
  • Merchants that want to deal with cardholder disputes more easily
  • Any professional interested in being more effective at Dispute Resolution

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