Improve Your German With German Songs

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Improve your German with German songs

Learn how to use German songs to improve your German vocabulary, grammar,  listening, speaking, and singing 🙂

Do you love listening to music?

Do you love listening to German music?

Do you want to know more about German music?

Do you want new ideas to further improve your German?

Would you like to know about some great German songs that are worth singing in the shower?

This course is for you!

I won’t teach you any German and for copyright reasons you won’t find the songs in this course (I am not allowed to share them), but you will be equipped with everything you need to find the songs and work with them.

You will get:

  • Information about German music in general and about some of the different genres and singers.
  • Things to look out for when working with German songs.
  • 15 great German songs to listen to
  • 5 great German songs for vocabulary practice.
  • 8 great German songs for grammar practice.
  • 2 great German songs for advanced learners.
  • Where to find those songs.
  • Exercises at different levels to cater for all abilities of German students.
  • Answer sheets for all the activities.
  • Information for students who want to take this further and do their own work

What you’ll learn

  • How to use German songs to improve your German
  • How to find fun ways for more German practice
  • How to improve your listening skills in German
  • How the repetition in songs help you make German grammar stick
  • How to pronounce German words correctly
  • How different German accents sound like


  • You should have some knowledge of the German language and grammar.
  • You love listening to music!
  • And you know how to search for songs on YouTube or Spotify.
  • You want to know more about German music.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for German learners of all levels.
  • Absolute beginners can learn general information about German songs and enjoy listening to them until they are able to complete the rest of the exercises.
  • All the worksheets have exercises of different levels of difficulty. Learners can complete those that they are able to and leave the rest for later
  • This course is particularly useful for those students working towards levels A1 – B1 in German.

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