IBM Cognos Analytics Author Certification Practice Test 2021

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Deal Score+1
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About IBM Cognos Analytics Author V

This certification exam is designed for an individual to building advanced reports, active reports and dashboards using relational data and/or uploaded files, as well as enhancing, customizing, and managing professional reports. This individual has project related experience authoring complex and intermediate level reports and dashboards and is capable of participating in project implementations as an effective team member.

Prerequisite for the exam

• Experience using a modern web

• Basic knowledge of database concepts and SQL

• Basic knowledge of how to visually present data

• Basic knowledge of Java script

Course Outline

1. Dashboards

• Explain designing for mobile use

• Describe how to create simple Dashboards

• Describe how to create complex interactive Dashboards

• Describe how to modify Dashboards

• Demonstrate how to control Dashboard data

2. Reports

• Describe how to create list reports

• Describe how to apply filters

• Describe how to use prompts

• Describe using conditional formatting

• Describe using calculations and macros

• Describe how to use markers

• Demonstrate presenting data graphically

• Demonstrate using HTML and XML

• Describe using Crosstabs

• Explain designing for mobile use

• Describe using reusable objects

• Describe using layout control

• Demonstrate combining multiple related objects

• Explain using interactivity

3. Active Reports

• Describe how to create report connections

• Describe using using Charts, Visiualizations and Decks

• Describe designing for mobile use

• Demonstrate managing controls and variables

4. Data

• Explain connecting to the Data source

• Describe how to use Data sources

• Explain the differences between using Data modules and Framework Manager packages on a report

• Describe using data shaping

• Explain creating reports using an SQL statement

5. Distributing Reports

• Describe using bursting

Who this course is for:

  • All Levels
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