Hatha Yoga Unplugged – A Regular Practice

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Yoga is practice. A lifestyle rather than a fad. Who you are determines your method of practice, and in time, your practice has the power to determine who you can be. While the physical practice of Yoga asana is just the tip of the iceberg, for most people it is the most accessible way to prepare the body and mind for the other, deeper aspects of Yoga.

This course contains 60 hour long yoga classes guiding the student forward and encouraging a safe, regular practice. As we advance further into the course, some of the classes also include an additional 15 minutes of  Pranayama (Yogic breathing). Classes which include Pranayama run for about 75 minutes.

Students are encouraged to repeat each class twice before proceeding to the next. While the suggested frequency of practice is 4 times a week for maximum benefit, a minimum of two classes a week is recommended.

However, the intensity of practice is entirely dependent upon the the practitioner. The asana are healing for body and mind only if the principle of non-violence towards one’s self is adhered to. Never force the body to stretch to the point of strain, keep the breath calm and come out of a posture if tired.  Use props such as the wall, yoga blocks and belts .

All classes are devoid of any background music helping to create a silent focus on the breath and the postures.

What you’ll learn

  • The physical aspect of Yoga, to practice anywhere, with an experienced teacher to guide you.
  • A regular practice consisting of 60 unique hour-long sequences using traditional asana(postures).
  • Basic, as well as intermediate postures suitable for most regular practitioners.
  • Different variations of the Surya-namaskaar (sun-salutations).
  • Increase mobility and functional strength without excessive muscular strain or focus on hyper-flexibility.
  • Breathe well, move well, and feel well, thereby reducing stress and inducing well-being.
  • A safe, healthy increase of the range of motion of the limbs as well as core strength.
  • No music, no fluffy language, or any other bells and whistles – just Yoga – Unplugged!


  • Some prior knowledge and practice of Yoga asana is recommended. This course is not for absolute beginners.
  • A non-slip Yoga mat.
  • Props such as Yoga blocks and belts may be required at times. The use of a wall or chair for support may occasionally be required as well.
  • The commitment to follow a practice along with the wisdom to do so without strain and excessive effort.

Who this course is for:

  • Yoga practitioners looking for a moderately strong, regular practice, without any fluff or lectures on spirtuality thrown into the mix
  • Rather than focus on hyper-flexibility, the classes in this course are based upon the premise of healthy mobility and strength.
  • This practice is the perfect compliment to any other fitness activity or sport and as such would be very well suited for athletes and sportspersons.


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