Freelancing Guide for Digital Transformations Consultants

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Being a digital transformation consultant (DTC) is a job that requires wearing all the hats. From strategy, to operations while crossing the lines of IT and technologies, a digital transformation consultant is the one making sure that everything is aligned with the business goals and objectives that the company wants to achieve.

Holding such role is not an easy task to do, and requires a great level of expertise in the business, management, strategy and technology layers.

And when you do that as a Freelancer, the task might seem overwhelming due to the sales, marketing and clients relationship management roles.

In this course, you will get all the information and insights needed to help you understand the current job market, potential and challenges for such position and career path.

We will talk about the importance of digital transformations for companies worldwide and the leading role that digital transformation consultant plays in its success or failure. The type of activities that you’ll need to do to define a digital transformation strategy and implement its related solution properly in any context.

You will also get the best tips to build an authentic personal brand and use it to find, attract and connect with your dream clients as a freelancer.

You will master the art of designing amazing business proposals and building a pricing strategy that offers many alternatives and opportunities to you and your clients.

And last but not least, you will learn how to lead the change safely, build and maintain a trust based relationship with your client and get the best digital tools that you can use to optimize your work and activity for high efficiency, productivity and profits.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the promising potential of such job position & career
  • Be aware of its related challenges and what’s required to be a great digital transformation consultant
  • Learn the differences between being a digital transformation consultant within a specific company and being a freelancer
  • Learn how to build and define your personal brand as a DTC freelancer
  • Learn how to prospect and attract your dream clients to connect with you
  • Learn how to negotiate deals, define your business proposals and your pricing strategy based on your clients needs and your vision for your your business
  • Get genuine ways to make your client trusts you and follow your advice as a DTC freelancer
  • Secure your activity and learn how to lead the change safely
  • Learn how to remove resistance and work with it instead of against it to protect the transformation, yourself and your teams
  • Get amazing examples of tools that you can use to optimize your activity and efficiency


  • A general intrest in the subject of digital transformations would be a plus.

Who this course is for:

  • Every person who is intrested in pursuing the path of futur leaders and becoming digital transformation consultants. That while being their own boss and doing it as freelancers.

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