Environment and Ethics: A Basic Course

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Everything that surrounds or affects an associate degree organism throughout its lifetime is put together referred to as its setting or just place everything close to a living organism like people; place and things represent its setting which might be either natural or semisynthetic. The word environment has been derived from the French word ‘environner’ assuming to encircle or to surround.

Within the starting, setting off early man consisted of solely physical aspects of the planet earth like land (lithosphere), air (atmosphere) and water (hydrosphere) on with organic phenomenon communities, however, with the passage of your time and advancement of society man extended his setting to incorporate his social, economic and political functions too.

Environmental information could be multidisciplinary information whose elementary aspects have an immediate significance to each phase of the earth. Its main characteristics include:

• Conservation and natural resources.

• Maintenance and management of biological diversity.

• Dominant and managing setting pollution to a permissible limit

• Stabilization of human population and environment.

• Development of alternate sources of renewable energy systems

• Providing a new dimension to the nation’s security through conservation, protection, management, and maintenance of setting.

It additionally deals with important problems like safe and clean water, sanitary living conditions and pollution-free contemporary air, fertility of the land, healthy food and development of property environmental laws, administration, environmental protection, management, and setting business are bobbing up as new opportunities for environmental protection and management. The connection and interaction between organism and setting are extremely advanced and three-dimensional. No organism will live alone while not interacting with different organisms or different biotic/abiotic forms. Therefore every organism has different organisms as a district of its setting. Everything with that we have a tendency to act or that we’d like for our sustenance forms our environment. In fact, the setting is unreal totally different in in numerous ways that with different associates teams of individuals however it’s going to be safely argued that ‘environment is an indivisible whole and is implanted by the interacting system of physical, biological and cultural components that are interlinked severally furthermore as together in myriad ways that. The setting isn’t static; rather it’s an awfully dynamic entity. Numerous factors (biotic & abiotic) are in an exceedingly flux and keep ever-changing the setting endlessly.

What you’ll learn

  • To know about the Constituents of Environment and Ethics
  • To know about the Man-Environment Relationship
  • To know the Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources.
  • To describe the equitable use of resources for sustainable lifestyles.
  • To know in details about the basics of Environment Ethics


  • Basic Computer knowledge
  • Interest about your own Environment

Who this course is for:

  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • Layers
  • Researchers
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