Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live 10. Level 1

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In this course you will learn to use the Ableton Live 10 program, which will help you create your Electronic Music songs

The goal of this course is to help you create your own Electronic Music and to teach you how the Ableton Live program works

This well-organized course will provide you with solid knowledge, which will allow you to enjoy your electronic music creations

With this knowledge, the results of your songs will be greatly improved and the potential that you will gain will be reflected in your entire professional career as an Electronic Music Producer

The Ableton Live 10 program is a very powerful and complete program that requires dedication and time, but with this well explained course you will be able to understand how it works perfectly

This is the first step and then you can advance to Level 2, where you will learn about the Instruments and Effects

These courses will open up new doors for you to this exciting world of Electronic Music Production

You will become part of an active community with mutual support

The distance between your dreams and your reality is simply a staircase with several steps in the middle, and this is just the first one

Welcome and enjoy your course

What you’ll learn

  • 1. You will learn how to navigate through the Ableton Live 10 program
  • 2. You will learn how to create and record Midi Tracks and Audio Tracks and how to use their Controls
  • 3. You will learn to Record, how to do Audio Warping and to Quantize
  • 4. You will learn to write and Edit notes on your Midi piano roll
  • 5. You will learn to use the Drum Rack and Macros and how to automate them
  • 6 You will learn how to prepare and organize Clips and Scenes in the Session View and how to record from Session View to Arrangement View
  • 7 You will learn to organize the Clips and Tracks in the Arrangement View
  • 8 You will learn how to add Audio and Midi Effects to the tracks and how to Automatize
  • 9 You will learn to configure the Initial and Export Preferences
  • 10 You will learn how to use the Midi Effects such as Arpeggiator, Chord, Note Length, Pitch


  • • No previous experience or knowledge is necessary to do this course, just Love for Music and a desire to learn
  • • Access to a laptop or desktop computer with the Ableton Live 10 or 11 software installed
  • • You could also start with the free basic version of Ableton Live

Who this course is for:

  • • Anyone over 18 who want to follow their dream to make Electronic Music
  • • Any DJ or Electronic Music Producer who wants to extend their knowledge and improve the quality of their songs
  • • Anyone studying Music Theory or Songwriter who wants to add a new skill to their career and create their own Electronic Songs with effects and visuals
  • • Any performer or Musician who wants to add a new dimension to their compositions and actuations

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