Dialux Lighting Design Parameters for Pro Lighting Design

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Hello friends,

Welcome to this new course, Lighting design parameters for Professional Lighting design

As the title of the course suggests, this course will teach you all the Lighting design parameters you must consider before planning Lighting Design of any Project.

DIY(Do it Yourself) lighting design has become attainable nowadays, due to lots of lighting simulation software’s available in market.

However if you do not have your basics and Lighting design principles clear,  tools or software’s alone wont make your lighting design stand out.

You may keep struggling for approval from your client, for the lighting designs you present to them.

You may keep wondering why your lighting design projects are getting rejected.

And the reason would be that you do not know, how to put the lighting design principles into practical use.

To avoid such a situation, a knowledge about the very basics and principles of lighting design is necessary.

This knowledge can be categorized into few parameters or lighting design parameters.

These parameters will be like a check list you can follow every time  you start on any lighting design project.

Through this course i have tried to teach you all these lighting parameters which control the end result of any lighting simulation.

And once you master these lighting design parameters, you would have automatically mastered the process of lighting design.

What you will learn through this course.

Well in my other two lighting design courses which are mastering lighting design like a pro and dialux for indoor lighting design, few students complained that the course did not had much theoretical part. They wanted to understand the very basics of lighting design. Their this request was always in my mind and i wanted to do something about this. And one day the idea of this course came upon me. 

To create such a  course which covered the very basics of lightings design. And once the basics are covered in the course we  implement them in practical projects within that course.

So here on the same lines i have created this one all course.

A brief over view of what you will learn in this course is as follows,

You will start by learning about lighting standards, what they are, who makes them and how to use them.

Then we will learn in details about lighting design parameters.

You will learn about light sources, CCT, CRI, reflectors, diffusers, louvers and lens.

You will then learn what are lighting design target values, and how they define whether a lighting design project is a pass or fail.

After gathering all these basics of lighting design, we will move to the practical part of the course.

Where we will implement all the knowledge we have gathered into 3 projects.

First we will do lighting design of a residential flat.

Then we will do lighting design of a big office floor

and in the last we will do the lighting design of a retail floor/convenience store.

So as you can see from the overview , there is lot of useful knowledge,  waiting to be learned in this course.

So without any further delay, lets get started with the course.

What you’ll learn

  • Students will Learn about Lighting Standards eg. IESNA and EN12464 Part 1 and 2
  • Students will Learn about all the Lighting Design Parameters used in Lighting Design
  • Students will Learn about Desired Target Values of a Lighting Design
  • Student will Learn Light fixture selection as per Standards Requirements


  • Basic requirement is Interest in Lighting Design. Rest all you will learn through the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Lighting Design Students, Professional and DIY Lighting Design Enthusiasts
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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