DevOps Projects Using Kubernetes: a hands-on Guide

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This class in one mile wide and one foot deep!

Welcome to DevOps projects using Kubernetes – a hands-on guide. This class is an intermediate to advanced level one. I designed it for anyone who has some basic DevOps and cloud (AWS) experience but they need hands-on labs to practice what they’ve learned.

Get ready to take your Kubernetes, AWS, and DevOps knowledge and experience to the next level by exploring how real-world companies use these technolgies.

In this class, you will find very little theory and very much hands-on. It’s important to understand how this course is designed before making the decision to enroll in it. For example, you will find many practical use-cases for Helm. But you will not find a reference to all Helm commands. I assume you already have some experience with that. I also assume that you have some Kubernetes and AWS knowledge so topics like StatefulSets, Deployments, Pods, and IAM roles, EC2 instances, and S3 buckets will not be explained from scratch.

Having said that, let’s explore what this class covers:

  • More than one way to deploy Kubernetes on AWS. Although most companies choose the easy option which is using EKS for deploying Kubernetes, there are other ways available like kops. If you don’t want to use a tool, you can even do it the hard way using kubeadm. We’ll see how we can semi-automate the process using Terraform and Packer.
  • When it comes to app-provisioning in Kubernetes, the list goes long. In section 2, we explore the most well-known app-provisioning tools. We start with Kustomize, then we move to Helm. Finally, we dive into the most sophisticated (yet, most powerful) way of Kubernetes app-provisioning: using operators. We’ll learn about Kudo, which takes care of a lot of the heavy lifting for us.
  • For the rest of the class, we could not just continue with a Hello-World type of application. We needed something more complex yet easy to digest. So, we developed an application specifically for this class called “The Weather app”. It’s a microservices application that consists of three components. Written in Go, JavaScript, and Python, The Weather App will help you understand the DevOps concepts laid out in the rest of the course.
  • In the CI/CD part of this class, we explore Gitlab, which is one of the most prominent tools out there. We create a simple CI pipeline then we gradually make it more complex by introducing continuous delivery and deployment. 
  • Finally, we explain how we can establish disaster recovery and data protection using EBS volume snapshots as well as using a third-party tool called Velero.

I hope you will enjoy watching this class and doing the labs inside. As always, you have 30-days money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Go ahead and have a look at the preview videos, and enroll now!

What you’ll learn

  • Apply the latest DevOps and Kubernetes practices in real-world scenarios
  • Gain hands-on experience by doing real labs
  • Advance your DevOps career in Kubernetes
  • Add more projects to your GitHub portfolio


  • Some Linux background (you should be comfortable using the shell)
  • Kubernetes knowledge. I assume you already know basic Kubernetes components and are looking to apply this knowlegde on real-world projects.
  • AWS background (basic services like EC2, S3, Route53, etc.)
  • Docker background
  • Ansible and Terraform background is a plus

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring DevOps engineers who want to expand their knowledge with real-world projects
  • Kubernetes users who need to see how Kubernetes can be used in various DevOps scenarios on AWS
  • Anyone who uses AWS as their cloud provider of choice and wants to master DevOps and Kubernetes on that platform
  • Developers with some DevOps familiarity who want to see how to use CI/CD on AWS with Kubernetes
  • Those who want to switch to the DevOps career although the course will need some effort from them as it is an intermediate level one
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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