Developing HTML5 Multiplayer Browser Game, also Known as .io

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Deal Score+1
FREE $9.99 Go To Course


My name is Matthew and I’m self-taught developer. I know how hard it can be to achieve some real career in IT and I want to help others to understand a specific topic. You might know games that are usually called “.io” games, but “.io” means only the favorite domain that they’re hosted on. In the real world, those “.io” games are browser-based multiplayer HTML5 games. And I want to share with you an authentic course where we will develop our multiplayer browser game. If you ever asked someone “how to make online game” or anything similar, this might be the course you’re trying to find.

What you’ll learn

  • Download & Install NodeJs
  • Download & Install – express and websockets libraries, and Phaser framework
  • Basics of OOP(Objected-oriented programming)
  • Develop and HTML5 game that supports multiplayer and runs in browser
  • Handling multiplayer movement, synchronizing it via server to clients
  • Handling shooting etc.
  • Possibilities of websocket technology
  • How to get working prototype in less than 2 hours


  • Computer
  • Visual Studio Code or any other IDE
  • Basics of HTML

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn developing HTML5 multiplayer browser games
  • Developers in NodeJs
  • Game developers
  • Students at computer science
  • Developers in general

FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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