Design of Buried Pipeline Supports – 2022

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This course has been prepared for civil/structural engineers into water field or any field where you have to deal with underground pipe system.

This course consists of 5 main sections

First Section

In the first section, you will learn about the different types of buried pipeline systems and you will learn about the forces acting on underground pipe system and affecting their stability at bends or different fittings.

Then we will start explaining the different types of supporting systems to used to stabilize the buried pipeline which are

  • – Thrust blocks
  • – Line anchors
  • – Restrained length

First section will end by discussing the difference between each system, the advantages and disadvantages and when to be used.

Second Section

Then, in the second section of the course, we will start explaining – in details – the forces affecting thrust blocks such as

  • – Thrust force
  • – Active earth pressure
  • – Passive earth pressure
  • – Surcharge pressure

Also we will learn about the different stability checks to be carried out as well as the different cases of operation

Third Section

In the third section, the same curriculum of the second section will be repeated but for the line anchors system

Fourth Section

In the fourth section, we will start solving a full example on calculating the size of thrust block on a 90 degree bend on DN800mm

Fifth Section

In the fifth section, we will repeat the same example of the fourth section. However, instead of calculating the required size of the thrust block, we will calculate the required size & No. of line anchors.

By the end of this course and as an additional resources, we have provided multiple excel spreadsheets for the stability calculations of thrust blocks & line anchors as well as restrained length calculations.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding of forces on underground pipeline
  • Types of supporting systems for underground pipeline
  • Design of pipeline restrained length
  • Design of pipeline thrust blocks
  • Design of pipelines line anchors


  • No experience required, you will learn everything you need to know

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers into infrastructure water field
  • Engineers who want to learn underground pipeline design
  • Engineers who wants to start a career in infrastructure water field
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