Data-Driven Decision Making

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Making strategic decisions, which is the act of allocating limited time and money towards specific objectives, is a fundamental component of business and personal management. Good decisions lead to success while poor decisions lead to loss or failure.

A data-driven organization is one that leverages information technology to collect, manage and transform data into relevant insights for strategic decision making. Research has shown that data-derived insights can reduce the time and the costs associated with an organization’s research and development process. In fact, research has shown that data itself can become or define a new product and that data-driven firms innovate more frequently and more intensely than other firms.

The overall objective of this course is to make you a more effective 21st-century decision-maker. This will aid you in becoming a more effective leader or role model in your current organization, and potentially a more attractive candidate for future leadership roles.

The course aims to achieve this by equipping you with a deep insight and understanding of the following two themes:

1. How to effectively implement data-driven decision making within an organization

2. What mindsets and behaviors you need to develop or practice in order to become an effective data-driven leader

This course is not technical in nature at all. No background experience in data analysis or data technology is required. Exposure to business decision making, in any type or size of organization, is advantageous.

(All slides are provided in the first and last lecture of each chapter)

What you’ll learn

  • A deep understanding of the data-driven decision making process; so that you become the go-to subject matter expert in your organization
  • How to develop a clear data-use vision and strategy; so that investments and activities lead to real business benefits
  • Which human characteristics, mindsets and behaviors to practice to be more data-driven; so that you become a better 21st century leader or manager
  • How to identify and correct weaknesses within your organisation’s decision making process; to ensure efficiencies and effectiveness of all activities
  • The key ingredients (beyond technology and skills) required to be data-driven; increased chances of investments leading to real organisational benefits


  • No coding, analytics or computer science skills or experience is required
  • Some work experience or exposure to business decision making would be advantageous

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in making better decisions using data
  • Anyone who works in data intensive industries such as manufacturing, finance, technology, sales, education, retail, etc.
  • Anyone who works within a technical field – but wants to graduate to a management or leadership role

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