Data Analysis Real world use-cases- Hands on Python

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This is the first course that gives hands-on Data Analysis Projects using Python..

Student Testimonials:

This is the best course for people who have just learnt python basics(prerequisite for this course) and want to become Data Analyst/Data Scientist. This will act as bridge between fundamental theoretical python syntax to its application by using most important data analysis packages(Pandas, Matplotlib, Plotly etc). – Mirza Hyder Baig

Shan Singh is absolutely amazing! Step-by-step projects with clear explanations. Easy to understand. Real-world projects. Simply the best course on Data Analysis that I could find on Udemy! After the course you can easily start your career as a Data Analyst.- Nicholas Nita

A good walkthrough of how python can be used for Data Analysis. Projects 1,2,3, 4 were related to Data Analytics. But, Project 5 was more like a Data Science project since we use nltk, sentimental analysis, text analytics, etc. Overall, a very good course for beginners and those who want to check their python skills for data analysis – Karthik

Can you start right now?

A frequently asked question of Python Beginners is: “Do I need to become an expert in Python coding before I can start working on Data Analysis Projects?”

The clear answer is: “No!

  • You just require some Python Basics like data types, simple operations/operators, lists and numpy arrays that you can learn from my Free Python course ‘Basics Of Python’

As a Summary, if you primarily want to use Python for Data Science or as a replacement for Excel, then this course is a perfect match!

Why should you take this Course?

  • It explains Projects on  real Data and real-world Problems. No toy data! This is the simplest & best way to become a Data Analyst/Data Scientist
  • It shows and explains the full real-world Data. Starting with importing messy datacleaning data, merging and concatenating data, grouping and aggregating data, Exploratory Data Analysis through to preparing and processing data for Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Presentation.
  • It gives you plenty of opportunities to practice and code on your own. Learning by doing.
  • In real-world projects, coding and the business side of things are equally important. This is probably the only course that teaches both: in-depth Python Coding and Big-Picture Thinking like How you can come up with a conclusion
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Otherwise, get your money back with 30-Days-Money-Back-Guarantee.

What you’ll learn

  • Get a job as a data Analyst on an average $156,000 after showcase these Projects on your Resume
  • By the end of this course you will understand the inner workings of the data analytics pipeline -joining,manipulating,filtering, extracting data ,Analysing Data
  • Solve any problem in your business, job or in real-time with powerful data analysis libraries
  • you will expertise in Pandas , Numpy , Seaborn, Matplotlib , Plotly ,Folium, Geopy , Wordcloud , re and many other..


  • You will need to install Anaconda. We will show you how to do it in one of the first lectures of the course

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who want to step into Data Science/Data Analytics.
  • Anyone interested about the rapidly expanding world of data Analytics/Data Science
  • Data Scientists who want to improve their Data Handling/Manipulation/Analysis skills.
  • Anyone who want to switch Data Projects from Excel to Python (e.g. in Research/Science)
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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