Creating the climate and mindset for successful innovation

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Do you have lots of great ideas that struggle to meet fruition? Do you have great ambitions? Do you want to be able to thrive and really push the boundaries of what you do? Game-changing innovations are introduced by people like you, who’ve learned how to harness the power of psychology so they can act in ways that produce brilliant, innovative results. This course will teach you the tools to think and act much more like the world’s most successful innovators.

By the end of this course you’ll:

  • understand what innovation is and the different stages we need to complete on our path to successful innovations;
  • understand how to create the context for generating great ideas and how to find solutions to your most vexing challenges;
  • be able to assess the potential value of your ideas;
  • learn how to clarify your vision (and why it’s important);
  • develop the skills we need to pilot our ideas and seek feedback to ensure we’re connected to our users and customers;
  • learn how to ask great questions which will allow us to connect with others and build knowledge, learning and creativity;
  • learn how to create psychological safety – the foundation of thriving innovative cultures;
  • understand the importance of self-awareness and how to build it;
  • understand the concept of ‘frugal innovation’ and how to do more with less;
  • explore why privilege needn’t be a prerequisite for success – stories of some of the worlds greatest frugal innovators.
  • learn the skills we need to collaborate and network effectively;
  • understand how to identify and allocate vital roles and responsibilities;
  • learn how to assess and negate risk in your innovation project;
  • learn how to develop greater GRIT and motivation to overcome obstacles and achieve our greatest ambitions.

This course is presented by Dr Amy Redmond.  Enhancing innovation potential and helping people to thrive has been the central focus of Amy’s career and academic research.   She is an executive coach,  business psychologist and Director of Innovation and Psychology at a London-based innovation agency with a PhD in the Psychology of Innovation.  Amy sees the very best in people and her purpose is to help people to see and believe the best in themselves, reminding them of their value and helping them to achieve the psychological tools they need to thrive.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the different phases of the innovation process, the key objectives of each stage and the challenges you may need to overcome
  • Build the tools and create the context to generate brilliant, creative ideas
  • Learn how to assess the value of your creative ideas
  • Learn how to clarify your vision and purpose (and understand why this is important!)
  • Enhance your innovative mindset. We’ll learn from the worlds greatest innovators and from psychology and neuroscience evidence
  • Explore the concept of psychological safety and how to build it within your team so that innovation can flourish
  • Learn how to create value and successful innovation outcomes with limited resources
  • Learn about the importance of collaboration in innovation and how to network for innovation success
  • Explore what roles and responsibilities need to be allocated to increase the likelihood of success
  • Understand how to identify and minimise risk in your innovation project
  • Build GRIT – the passion and perseverance that defines the world’s greatest innovators


  • There are no prerequisites or requirements – this course is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about innovation and becoming a successful innovator.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the psychology and behaviors that set apart the worlds most brilliant innovators
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their innovation knowledge and skills to contribute to or lead successful innovations
  • Start-up founders who want to increase the potential success of their business
  • Leaders who want to build the tools to help their teams thrive in the innovation space
  • People embarking on an entrepreneurial or innovative venture who want to increase their chances of success
  • People who want to understand how they and their colleagues can innovate more successfully
  • Students who are interested in psychology, innovation, or both!
  • Small business owners who want to scale their business
  • People working for small businesses which are trying to scale and grow

FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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