Concepts of Operating Systems

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Deal Score+1
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Welcome to my course on ‘Concepts of Operating Systems’

The objective of the course is to make the learners understand the core concepts of the Operating Systems and interpret the same.

After completing this course, You’ll be able to explain all the concepts that are dealt in this course.

I suggest you to take notes and note down the important points wherever and whenever necessary.

The contents that we’ll be discussing in this course are:

Operating systems – types, layers, views, services

Kernel – types, responsibilities, micro kernel, macro kernel

Shells – definition, differences between different types of shells, shell commands

Process – process image, process control block, program to process conversion, process control table, five state model, seven state model, interprocess communication.- shared memory, resource sharing

Critical section – problem and solutions – mutex, semaphores

Classical problems in synchronization –  readers’ writers problem, dining philosopher’s problem

Scheduling algorithms – FCFS, RR, SJF, SRJF AND SO ON.

Threads – types, execution

Deadlock – problem and bankers’ algorithm

Memory – types, concept of overlays, logical to physical address conversion, paging technique.

For all the algorithms, an example will be explained that will help you understand the implementation of the algorithms. This is a beginner friendly course which has no prerequisites and it covers a lot of mandatory concepts in OS in a single course. Looking forward to see you there!

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the core concepts of Operating Systems
  • Implement the Process Scheduling and Deadlock Avoidance Algorithms
  • Interpret the types of various domains in OS
  • Explain the differences between any two contrasting concepts in OS


  • Absolutely No Prerequisites. Everything will be dealt from Scratch!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner CS, EC Aspirants
  • Anyone who wants to understand Operating Systems and its responsibilities
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