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Transform your Career with The Ultimate Certification course (Level 1, 2 and 3) in:

Compensation, Benefits, End to End Indian Payroll Calculation in Excel, Reimbursements, Statutory Compliances (Payroll related), Income Tax on Salaries and Year Ending Process in Payroll, Income Tax (Employees Investment Declaration, Proofs collection, Tax finalization & TDS, etc.) for Human Resources, Payroll Accounting, Finance and other Professionals / Students.

  • Learn from Scratch from Industry Experts and Become an Expert. Covers Beginner to Advanced Level Topics.
  • Get Ready-To-Use End To End Salary Calculation Template in Excel for Free with this course.
  • Based on Real-time Industry Practices used by practitioners in companies.

Compensation, Benefits & Payroll Management is Trending Because : 

  • It is Crucial Function in any Organization.
  • There is an increasing demand for Trained & Knowledgeable Payroll Professionals.
  • Vast Opportunities available for Compensation, Benefits & Payroll Trained Professionals.
  • These domains are dynamic in nature and a solid foundation in this area can ensure you climb up the ladder of success in your career.

Why you must enroll in this course? : –

  • This course is completely beginner-friendly and most simplified in nature.
  • Having some Excel knowledge can help, but not mandatory, as we have included Excel Basics tutorials as well.
  • The curriculum is Industry and Job Oriented, updated as on date (Indian).
  • Practical in nature, you can straightaway work on our Case Studies in Excel to gain hands-on skills.
  • Includes Downloadable Excel case studies, practice sheets and PDF Materials.
  • A comprehensive course covering a variety of Topics.
  • Course Faculty has hands-on Industry expertise (12+years) and has trained more than 2800 students so far, including Online and Offline training programs.

What key skills you can learn from the course :-

+ Understand Concepts & Objectives of Compensation Management.

+ How Compensation Policies are framed & equity theory, Job Evaluation, etc.

+ Learn Compensation Structuring:  Design different CTC Structures on Excel.

+ Get acquainted with Concepts of Payroll Management, Most Payroll / Salary heads used in Indian Payroll and apply them.

+ Understand Attendance & Pay Cycle.

+ Calculate Payslip

+ Prepare End to End Payroll Reports : Salary Register / Salary Statement of multiple employees in MS-Excel.

+ Get hands-on exposure to Statutory Compliance Calculations: PF, ESIC, PT, LWF

+ Gratuity, Leave Encashment, Statutory Bonus, NPS, etc Calculations

+ Calculate Complete Income Tax on Salaries: Total Income, Taxable Income and TDS. Understand Form16 and more..

+ Perquisites Calculation: Accommodation, Car, Driver, Meal Voucher, Superannuation, NPS, etc.

+ Understand different Indian Income Tax (21-22) Sections, Exemptions and Deductions from Salary.

+ Year Ending in Payroll and Income Tax : Investment / IT Declarations from Employees, Investment Proofs collection at year-end, etc.

+ Payroll Process Flow & Payroll Outsourcing Process Flow Concepts

and more…

If you are puzzled on any of the given topics while going through the course, drop in your questions and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

For those Already Enrolled in ‘Ultimate Human Resources: HR Generalist with Payroll’ course :-

Some of the Level 1 training videos from the above mentioned course will be repeated in this course related to Compensation & Payroll (Level 1 Compensation & Payroll videos).

The Sections which are Level 2 and Level 3, which are not available in ‘Ultimate Human Resources’ course are named as ‘NEW’ sections in this course. You may skip those Sections which are not named ‘NEW’ in case if you wish to. But yes, referring to them again in the sequence given will help you refresh your skills before proceeding to the next level of learning.

Suggestions , Feedback and Query Management: 

We take your suggestions and feedback seriously and work on them towards improvising our course. Do let us know your suggestions for improvement and also let us know how you could implement these concepts at your work, we love to hear from you and your success matters for us. 🙂

Enroll and get started on the learning journey towards becoming a certified expert in the Compensation, Benefits, Payroll, Income Tax and Year-ending process now!

Course Tag Lines: 

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What you’ll learn

  • Get Insights into different methods of Compensation Strategy, Compensation Planning, Objectives, Equity and Steps involved in designing Compensation Design
  • Understand different methods of Job Evaluation in Compensation Planning and in determining Pay Levels
  • Structuring different types of Compensation Structures : Fixed CTC and Flexible (FBP) CTC Structures
  • Get a deeper understanding of all important Payroll Concepts in India for HRM, Payroll, Finance, Accounting professionals. With Practical, Hands-on Case Studies
  • Certification course in End to End Payroll Management in Excel. Most Comprehensive Excel tutorials covering Concepts & Calculations.
  • Understand all Payroll Components from Basic to Allowances, Be able to structure salary and calculate salary for any amount / job level / location in India
  • Statutory Compliances : Understand concepts & calculations of PF (Provident Fund), ESIC, PT, LWF, Income Tax, Leave Encashment, Statutory Bonus, Gratuity, etc.
  • Indian Income Tax (as on date), all sections payroll components exemptions concepts & calculations, Total Income calculation, Tax calculation (TDS) and In
  • Comprehensive Indian Income Tax calculation on Salaries: Exemptions & Deductions on Salary. Perquisites Calculation: Car, Accommodation, Meal Voucher, Driver
  • At the end of this practical course, you should be well-versed in All aspects of Compensation & Benefits, Payroll, Income Tax and Statutory Compliances.


  • Be able to understand English, Excel know-how preferred, but not mandatory. Resources provided to learn entire concepts
  • Certain calculations on Excel require basic numerical calculations.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, Aspirants and Professionals in HR, Compensation & Benefits, Payroll, Taxation / Accounts, Finance, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Managers, Administrators, etc who are looking forward to grow in this field or to start their career in this field
  • Anybody who has curiosity and keen interest in learning these topics to broaden their perspective and understanding of given subjects
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