Learn Citizen Journalism – Be A Digital Soldier Step by Step

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How To Become A Respected Citizen Journalist On The Internet (or a “digital soldier” as Gen. Flynn has said).

Other than a desire to create your own Internet channel and create videos on any subject or category of your choice, you do not need past experience in any media to become a Citizen Journalist.

Age is not a factor either.

If you have a PC or laptop and are somewhat savvy on the Internet, you can do this.

You can work from home and choose your own hours.

It’s very simple. If you want to stand out as an objective provider of information coupled with  exceptional videos, this course will guide you through all the necessary steps to achieving that goal.

About The Instructor and  The Step-By-Step Course :-

Having worked in all news media, starting in 1960, over 10 years ago I began specializing in Internet journalism.

In particular, since 2017 I have focused on creating news video’s as what is now known as a Citizen Journalist.

This then  is a step-by-step course teaching you the unique formula I developed and used on my YouTube channel.

Over time, those videos generated more than a million views, and as many as 20,000 subscribers.

But I have never forgotten that I knew nothing about journalism when I first started in the trade.

It was only through following the guidance of older reporters that I eventually discovered that there is a formula involved in creating a finished product in any branch of the media (and I have worked in many).

In newspapers, the first and last paragraphs are key (and often the last paragraph is the most significant).

As a photo-journalist I learned that images are crucial in order to fully illustrate a written article.

As a news cameraman I learned first-hand how important the framing of a shot can be.

In radio, there were things like sentence structure,  “voice inflection” and “pausation” to master in order to keep the listener engaged.

And in television – whether it was news or documentaries – images, both still and moving, tell the story and keep the viewer’s attention far better than just a “talking head.”

I had all that in mind when I started making my own reports on the Internet, and over the past four years I have refined the way I build a new video report so that there is now a step-by-step formula that saves as much time as possible, but delivers the best possible finished product to my audience.

In structuring this course, I have started from the perspective of being a beginner myself – doing my best to see things from your point of view and then creating each of the many elements you will learn, step-by-step, so each is but one step to be mastered, and then another and another.

How Long Will It Take?

Today’s mainstream media reporters have to spend several years getting a degree in journalism before they can even begin looking for a job.

Keeping that in mind -how long will it take to “graduate” from this course?

Well, you do have lifetime access to the course. But let’s hope it doesn’t take that long:-)

The truth is, you will need to have time to study and practice and build your skills and confidence.

This is certainly not an overnight quick-fix course at all. And because circumstances vary from one person to another, how long it will take to become truly proficient depends entirely on those circumstances – and your commitment to getting it done.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to study several hours a day – or perhaps only at weekends.

However, while you are mulling that over, if you do have a real desire to develop these skills, but you may be thinking you “don’t really have time,” you should consider enrolling in this course, and in the first 30 days you will have time to look through all its components, see how it fits with your available time schedule, figure out what you need to adjust so you do have time to study and build your own channel – or, if you decide (on day 29) that it is not a real fit for you, you can get an immediate refund. Guaranteed.

What You Will Learn

There are at least 2 1/2 hours of video lessons in this course, divided into articles and video tutorials that show you exactly what is involved with each new element of this unique video production formula.

You will learn

  • What free software is recommended.
  • What microphones and headphones are necessary.
  • What video editing software is required.
  • How to structure a news (or product) video report.
  • How to find essential supporting images and videos on the Internet.
  • How to recraft and edit those images and videos.
  • Creating overlays, montages and picture-in-picture stills and videos.
  • How to record and edit voice reports for your videos.
  • The use of teleprompter software (if you choose).
  • The use of video capture software.
  • Multiple tutorials on using the essential Filmora video editing software.
  • How to create an opening Title for your personal channel.
  • How to enhance your video with “lower thirds” (text bottom of screen).
  • How to save your work in a format suitable for uploading to any Internet channel.
  • How to safeguard your work by creating multiple channels on the Internet.
  • What hosting services and options are available for monetizing your work.
  • The potential for an ongoing passive income.
  • And much more ….

Unsolicited Testimonials

These testimonials are not about this course. They are unsolicited testimonials from viewers and subscribers who have seen my work in the past.

You can expect similar accolades from your own future viewers and subscribers to your channel/s.

“I’m loving your posts and thank you for all the research and investigating that you do.” -Nevada Brown.

“This is journalism the old school way – truth spoken with integrity.” -“DisclosureNow”

With what you will learn in this course, you will be fully equipped to build your own video news  channel based around any subject of your personal interest and choice. You will gradually build an audience of subscribers, and they will keep coming back, which has the potential to pay off quite handsomely if you choose to monetize your channel.

Have you checked out the free previews of some of the lessons? They are structured using what this course teaches, and as examples of what you too will be able to learn and do when you enroll in this course.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn the finer points of Citizen journalism and how to make Top Quality Internet Videos – on any subject of your choice – and become a trusted Internet reporter.


  • Aside from your computer/laptop, you’ll only need a word processor, and some free or low-cost software and hardware.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with a desire to be an ethical Internet reporter/citizen journalist, or what Gen Flynn calls a “digital soldier.” Or anyone who simply wants to build a quality Internet Video Channel.

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