Career Change: The 5 Key Skills To Change Your Career

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This is a step by step course on HOW TO CHANGE YOUR CAREER!

Welcome to this 2 hour course that will teach you the five key skills that high achievers use to change their careers!

My name is Paul and I’ll be your instructor. 🙂 I’m a Career Coach, Finance Director & ex PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consultant.

I guarantee that this course will help you change careers – or your money back, no questions asked! 🙂

Are you tired of:

  • dreading going into work every day?
  • watching the clock until it’s time to go home?
  • worrying about whether you are on the right career path?
  • looking at your colleagues and feeling that you are not like these people?
  • being scared at the thought of turning into your boss?

This comprehensive career change course also contains two 50 page ‘How To Change Your Career’ activity workbooks.

One of the workbooks has worked examples to show you every skill, every trick, every hack I’ve used to successfully change my career from finance to project management.

The second workbook is the same workbook but without examples so that you can complete the exercises and learn the same skills and hacks you need to change your career.

The KEY SKILLS you will learn to enable you to change your career are:

1) Find the best possible career path for you every time

2) Test out potential careers with minimal risk

3) Find people that will give you opportunities to change your career

4) Convince hiring managers you are a high-value candidate

5) Create your own opportunities to change your career

My credentials & qualifications:

  • Qualified career coach who has helped 100’s of people achieve their career goals
  • Wrote a no.1 bestselling Amazon careers book ‘1000 Years of Career Advice’
  • Mentored 100’s of young people to achieve success in their careers
  • Successfully changed my own career from finance to project management
  • Finance Director and Consultant who has worked with PwC, Reuters, Eurostar, GlaxoSmithKline to name a few

I have helped dozens of coaching clients to successfully change their careers. I’ve also successfully changed my career from finance to project management.

Every skill, trick and hack I’ve used in my career change, and that I’ve shown my coaching clients I’ve put into this course.

This course will help you find the career of your dreams and it’s for people of all ages, industries, careers, and countries.

Are you ready to find the career of your dreams? If so, then join me today, and I’ll show you a STEP BY STEP EXACTLY how to do it!!!!

Remember you can avail of a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee. 🙂

What you’ll learn

  • Effective frameworks to help you choose the most suitable career path for you everytime!
  • Right and wrong reasons for wanting to change your career
  • Test out potential careers without having to quit your current job
  • Find the right people that will give you a start in your new career
  • Convince hiring managers that YOU are a ‘high value candidate’
  • Create opportunities to enable you to change your career
  • Skills, tricks and hacks that instructor has successfully used to change his career
  • Double your valuable contacts with a simple and proven hack
  • Find info on different career paths that you won’t find anywhere on the internet
  • Identify your ideal companies that you want to work for
  • Realise clues in your past career that will help plan your ideal future career
  • Pick the best educational course to do that will accelerate your career change
  • Maximise the value you can get from recruitment agents
  • Find successful people who have already done what you are trying to do
  • Leverage professional groups to help you change your career
  • Think and act like a ‘high value candidate’
  • Conduct deep research of your various career options
  • Re-write your CV for a career change
  • Ace your career change interview
  • Create a world class LinkedIn profile
  • Think creatively when it comes to your career change
  • Find and connect with ‘thought leaders’ & ‘influencers’ in your desired new career


  • A desire to want to change careers
  • A willingness to learn and desire to live your best life

Who this course is for:

  • People who don’t like their current job or career path
  • Someone who wants to change career and find a job they love
  • Anyone who worries whether they are on the right career path
  • Those who want to look forward to going into work every morning
  • People who feel ‘stuck’ in their career
  • Anyone who doesn’t like their job but doesn’t know where to start finding a job they love
  • People who feels like changing careers is too hard and too much effort
  • Anyone who wants to learn from someone who has already successfully changed their career!

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