A Step-by-Step Guide to Business Continuity Management

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The management of business continuity is a crucial task. It ensures that your company’s usual business operations are maintained with minimal disturbance during a calamity. BCM is based on the idea that good response systems can reduce the amount of damage caused by hypothetical catastrophes.

All business continuity management professionals who want their experience and competency confirmed by an impartial business continuity management certification organization can take the BCM Institute’s business continuity management certifications.

To get a business continuity management certification, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Attain the relevant courses attached to the desired business continuity certification
  2. Pass the qualifying certification examination
  3. Send in the appropriate certification application fees
  4. Send in the certification application form detailing 3 or 5

While ISO 22301 can be used for certification and so has short and succinct criteria detailing the essential parts of BCM, a more comprehensive guideline standard (ISO 22313) is being created to offer additional detail on each need in ISO 22301.

In this course, we will discuss business continuity management and how to make a Business continuity plan and why it’s needed

ISO 22301 can also be used by auditors who want to report to management and within an organisation to compare itself to best practices. As a result, the standard will have a significantly higher impact on individuals who merely choose to be certified against it.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the distinctions between a business continuity and a catastrophe recovery strategy.
  • What are the ISO 22301 requirements?
  • Real-life examples of how strong business continuity planning prevented a disaster
  • Create Business Continuity Plans and Strategies
  • Exercises in Business Continuity
  • Process of risk assessment and contingency planning for unanticipated disruptions


  • There is no prerequisite for this position; all that is required is a desire to learn about business continuity.

Who this course is for:

  • Managers and experts in business continuity
  • Managers and experts in the field of information technology
  • Any business owner who wants to put in place or start a business continuity plan in a practical way
  • People who work in the business continuity and catastrophe recovery fields

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