Design & Build a Gardening Website in Designer and Oxygen

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Deal Score+1


Hello and welcome the course in which you will polish your web design and web development skills.

I am so grateful to have you here! I know there is a lot of courses out there, that’s why I really appreciate that you chose this one.

So, if you are one of those students who have been wondering:

“Ok David, I took your web design in Affinity Designer class, so I know how to design a website, but what do I do next?”

And also, if you are one of those students who have taken my Oxygen Builder course, but you would also get some web design skills, well then this course might be also for you.

This course is a perfect, straight to the point blend of web designing and web developing.

Because we are going to be first using Affinity Designer to design a Gardening website. We will create:

  • a top bar along with the logo and navigation
  • a hero section with a background image and buttons
  • multiple sections with icons, text and images
  • an image comparison section
  • a gallery section
  • and a quite extensive footer

We are basically going to go from blank canvas to a finished front page of a gardening company.

When that’s done, you will learn how to grab that design and recreate it using Oxygen Builder.

So if you’ve always wanted to learn how to crate a site based on a specific design…

… or you would like to become independent from web designers and crate beautiful layouts yourself…

give this course a shot.

Go ahead and take a look inside. See the free previews and get to know the content a bit better.

I really hope to see you inside!


What you’ll learn

  • Design a Gardening Website in Affinity Designer
  • Develop the Website in Oxygen Builder
  • Learn Affinity Designer’s Web Design Tools and Abilities
  • Learn How To Use Oxygen Builder To Create a Website


  • Basic Knowledge of Affinity Designer
  • Basic WordPress Skills
  • Basic Oxygen Builder Skills

Who this course is for:

  • Affinity Designer Users Who Want To Learn How To Develop their Designs with Oxygen Builder

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