Basic Financial Accounting Course in Urdu / Hindi

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Deal Score+1


Updated: 24/7/2019 (Ledger & Trial Balance)

Basic Financial Accounting Course Outline:

1. Basic Accounting Course Urdu/Hindi

2. Introduction to Basic Accounting Course

3. What you will learn in this course?

4. Importance of accounting

5. Types of transactions in accounting

6. What is Debtor and creditor?

7. What is the Accounting Equation?

8. How to record the business transaction in the accounting equation?

9. What is Double Entry system in Accounting?

10.  Steps of recording Business transaction and process

11. Sample Format of Journal

12. Basic Rules of Debit and Credit in Accounting

13. Company and Owner of the Company Rule of Recording Transaction

14. How to Record Transactions in Journal Illustration No.1

15. How to Record Transactions in Journal Illustration No.2

16. How to Record Transactions in Journal Illustration No.3

17. How to Record Transactions in Journal Illustration No.4

18. What is Ledger?

19. Rules of Recording Accounts in Ledger

20. Specimen of Ledger Forms

21. How to Balance Account in Ledger

22. Rules of Balancing Accounts

23. Ledger Illustration No 1

24. Ledger Illustration No 2

25. What is Trail Balance?

26. Process of preparing Trial Balance

27. Trial Balance Illustration

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn Accounting Equation
  • How Business Transaction Effect the Accounting Equation
  • You will learn Rules of Debit & Credit to Record Transactions in Accounting
  • You will learn What is journal?
  • How to record entry in journal?
  • What is Debtor and Creditor?
  • You will learn what is Ledger?
  • How maintain Ledger Accounts?
  • You will learn Trial Balance


  • Any one can Learn

Who this course is for:

  • Student
  • Businessman and want to record Daily Business Transactions
  • Businessman and Hired an Accountant
  • Job Seeker to enhance their Resume with additional accounting knowledge

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