App Store Optimization, The Complete Practical Guide (ASO)

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You’ve probably already published or are considering releasing an app or game to the iOS or Google Play App Stores if you’re looking at this course. But how can you get your app seen in a marketplace with 1.5 million apps and tens of thousands of apps added every month? How can you increase the number of downloads for your app?

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the two most important sources of free traffic for your app. It’s logical to devote time and effort to obtaining this traffic. You simply need to understand how to improve your app listing to increase traffic and, as a result, downloads.

This is where this App Store Optimization (ASO) training can help.

There are around 2.6 million Android apps in the Google Play store and over 2 million apps in the Apple App Store, with approximately 3 billion smartphone users globally.

You’ll need an App Store Optimization approach to help your mobile app rank highly in the App Stores and be seen by more potential users and followers.

These are massive and mind-boggling figures, especially if you’re a developer trying to get your software noticed. In a crowded field of competitors, how can you stand out? And, perhaps more crucially, how do you get your app to rank high in an App Store search while also ensuring that it meets the intent of the searches? the idea is to use effective Google Play and iOS App Store Optimization techniques.

What you’ll learn

  • How to write a perfect title that appeals to both users and the App Store
  • Obtain notoriety for your app, which will provide you with a large amount of exposure.
  • How do you choose which keywords to focus on?
  • Enhance user retention, interaction, and reviews while reducing uninstalls.
  • How to make eye-catching app icons, screenshots, and promotional videos for next to nothing
  • Learn how to price your software or game to maximize profit, which may entail making it free.


  • Have or will have a mobile app or game on the App Store for iOS or Android.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who create mobile apps & Developers of mobile apps
  • Someone who has recently developed a mobile app
  • Developers who wish to learn more about ASO
  • ASO Guys who want to do a good job and show off new tools
FREE $9.99 Go To Course

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